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Ladies and Gentleman

First of all, I would like to thank you for your interest in ISPLC 2007 in Pisa.

This is the 11th edition of ISPLC since 1996. We are therefore honoured to have the opportunity to host again ISPLC in Europe after 3 years and for the very first time in Italy.

ISPLC is a special occasion for scientists, researchers and technicians interested in any field of PowerLine Communications, to present and exchange ideas, theories, methods and results. The discussion and the diffusion of information about the more recent goals is an important point, in order to attract people and increase further the number and the quality of our scientific community and a special occasion for scientists, researchers and technicians interested in any field of PowerLine Communications, to present and exchange ideas, theories, methods and results.

The number of the paper submitted from more than 30 different countries and the attention and the interest given to ISPLC are an evident proof of the high scientific quality of the Conference, and I hope and believe that this event will be fruitful and memorable for all the participants.

The record number of around 160 abstracts received has confirmed the growing interest on the PLC topic and the significant role that Europe plays in the research activities on this subject. The Symposium features an exhibition of commercial companies and research centers dealing with several aspects and applications of PLC. This is an excellent opportunity for the expositors to present their products and latest developments to a world-wide public of researchers and engineers, and a fundamental meeting point for all participants.

Pisa is a small medieval town worldwide known for its leaning tower. Beyond the marvels of the so-called "Miracle’s square" I suggest you not to miss the charm of the silent and quiet narrow roads and lovely churches scattered all around the city and along its river Arno. Pisa is also a good starting point to visit other wonderful attractions in the neighbourhood; an accurate Tours program has been prepared to optimise your visits in Tuscany.

The ISPLC series of conferences peculiar frames traditionally favour the exchange of scientific and technical information among researchers, scientists, engineers and other professionals that actively work in the area of PLC. I encourage all conference participants to attend the Symposium Banquet, a good occasion to taste the original tradition of Pisa cuisine, spending a nice evening with old friends and making new ones.

The success of this ISPLC edition relies on the dedication and efforts of numerous people.

I would like to express special thanks and appreciation to the Technical Program Co-Chairs Lutz Lampe and Andrea Tonello who devoted many days (and nights) for the revision process set-up and Technical Program definition,
to Stefano Galli, Chair of the IEEE Communications Society Technical Committee on PLC who assisted us in many ways, to the Technical Program Committee members who performs an accurate revision process playing a key role to have a Symposium with a very high scientific level and to the Steering Committee members for their helpful suggestions.

Finally, I would like to warmly invite you in Pisa at ISPLC, your presence at the conference and your important contribution will make it a real success.

Pisa - Piazza dei Miracoli


For additional information please contact:

General Chair
Prof. Marco Raugi
University of Pisa
Dip. Sistemi Elettrici Ed Automazonie,
E-mail: raugi@dsea.unipi.it

Tech Prog. Co-Chair
Prof. Lutz Lampe
The University of British Columbia
Dept. of Elec. & Comp. Engineering
E-mail: lampe@ece.ubc.ca

Tech Prog. Co-Chair
Prof. Andrea Tonello
University of Udine
Diegm, Dip. Ingegneria Elettrica
E-mail: tonello@uniud.it


Meridiana Events & Education
Mrs. Laura Balbarini
E-mail: Laura.Balbarini@meridianaevents.it
tel +39-050-9711721
fax +39-050-974148


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